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Fall time 2023 open training days 4.10.-29.11.2023! We organize 90-minute games every Wednesday evening between October 4th and November 29th, 2023 in our home cave. The price includes guidance and equipment, so all you need to bring is yourself and suitable clothes and shoes for movement. Advance registration is not required - it is enough to come alone or with friends.

Info in nutshell:
Time: Wednesdays 4.10.-29.11.2023 (9 times) between 19:00-20:30
Address: Varikkotie 160, Vaajakoski (busline 215 takes you close to us)
- First time test 0€
- 10€ /practice
- 40€ / 5 times card
-60€ / whole season (9 times)

That's not all! Extra offer for weekly trainings!
- If you bring first timer with you, you get 10€ gift card for SoftArchery for your self (valid for 6 months)

Soft Archery is for everyone

Soft Archery is fun and fast paced game, fit for almost anyone (recommended age 12+). You can easily play with a very diverse group where you can have for example mom and daugther on the same field at the same time! Game is fit for groups of 6-30 persons. Maximum of 20 persons on the field at the same time.


In the game you have a bow and soft arrows. Face is procted by a mask, which prevents painful hits from ruining the fun! This equipment is provided to you by SoftArchery with your gaming package. Players should bring with them clothes and shoes fit for movement. Also drinking bottle is recommended.


Rules of the game are simple:

  • Any hit to you or your equipment drops you of the game (for a while).
  • Depending on the type of the game you are out of the game briefly or for the rest of the round.
  • Players can only carry two arrows with them at all times.
Special rules for each game, is described before the game by the instructor.

What you get?

  • Professional instructor, who will guide You to the world of SoftArchery
  • Constructed session:
    • Training for the equipment and rules
    • Basic technique for shooting
    • Instructed games (several different!)
    • With more experienced group, we can tailor the experience

New! Black light games!

  • Do you want to spice up the games?
  • Now it is possible with black light!
    • In the gloom of black lights, the game gets new, exciting layer
    • when darkness gives all the players new barrier of protection!

Price sheet

The service is sold with the following prices. We can also tailor a quotation to fit the needs of your group! Prices are for games held in SoftArchery home cave. Games elsewhere will have added price for the logistics and rent of the location. Prices include VAT 10%.

60 minutes

  • 6-9 persons, 27 € per person
  • 10-15 persons, 22 € per henkilö
  • 16+ persons, 17 € per henkilö

+ Add-on: Black light game +3 €/person

90 minutes

  • 6-9 persons, 32 € per person
  • 10-15 persons, 27 € per person
  • 16+ persons, 22 € per person

+ Add-on: Black light game +3 €/person

120 minutes

  • 6-9 persons, 37 € per person
  • 10-15 persons, 32 € per person
  • 16+ persons, 27 € per person

+ Add-on: Black light game +3 €/person

Games outside SoftArchery cave

Games can be arranged outside our own facilities. In these cases SoftArchery handels the logistics of the equipment to the site. Mileage fee is 50€ + 0,4€/km and is added to the price of the service. Gaming area needs to be agreed separately and the possible rent is added to the service.

Hox! Black light games only available at our own facility.

Renting of the equipment

We can also rent the quipment. The equipment packages can be rented at cost of 8€/package/day. The equipment are located at our home cave (Varikkotie 160). The equipment are returned cleaned - otherwise there will be cleaning cost of 30€ added to the price of the service.

Equipment package for each player consists:

  • A Bow
  • Safety mask
  • Arm guard
  • 3 arrows

Hox! Black light equipment is not rented.

Wellbeing day or bachelor party

Ask for separate quotation so we can build a package the fits your needs, for the time and the place and correct amount of persons.


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